Sep. 24th, 2010

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I bit of this, that & everything else...

→  I watch a lot of shows but there is 1 sole reason why I keep watching HELLCATS ...
UNF ... UNF ... UNF... but those clothes? umm, they should go away :D (& by that I mean, he should always be naked on my screen) )

→ & TBBT is back (or it will be in a few hours XDD) meanwhile the whole cast (minus Kaley who has a broken leg) were in the Craig Ferguson show... I don't think I ever mentioned it here but I love this man, so craig + TBBT cast = double awesome.
I think that when I saw Jim & Ferguson together on the same frame my ovaries exploded... or something XD
awesomess overload )

→ And sorry for captures with subtitles... reason for that is I need new pc speakers... I only can use videolan (since I can up the volume to 400% ) & I need subtitles because only one speaker works & unless I have subs I miss some phrases since I don't listen to them (damn you stereo!! xDD) Surreal, I know. I'll be buying new speakers next week, probably xD

→ I love Christinna Ricci since years ago, I don't even remember since when, maybe 10 years or so.  But it pains me see her like this...
I really, really, REALLY, miss the Christina with more body, she looked better & hotter. (btw, from her appearance in Jimmy Fallon show some days ago)

→ Saw the latest Star Trek movie the other day & I was confused over the fact that Zachary Quinto looks good even with Spock look... But it might be just me being biased... (btw, one day of this I should finish  Heroes, or something xDDD)


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