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And yesterday , out of the blue, I felt like re-watching PRIDE, which I started to do xDDD ( I have so many dramas to watch and yet I'm re-watching old ones -.-'' xDD)

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Sunao 02

Apr. 27th, 2010 05:52 pm
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This is getting better & things are getting more mixed (if that's possible XDD)
captures. spoilers ahead )

rar [x]
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I finally saw Sunao 01

For once this post is full of spoilers xD

captures & a few comments............... btw, 130 captures of the HD file :D no dial up friendly XD )

captures in a rar [x]
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First of all, I bought (500) Days of Summer dvd for only 9.50€ ...I'm can't wait to have it at home :D 
My idea was buying the Spanish edition of the dvd when it gets released here but after seeing the UK one for that price I didn't even think twice xD

That said. A bit on my occidental  bias. Ewan McGregor & Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Ewan is 'with me' since Trainspotting & Jonathan since Velvet Goldmine (which, btw, are two of my favorite films)

The captures are only of them, the films aren't that worthy of captures at all... (for that wait till I post the captures of A Single Man, probably tomorrow XDD)

From Paris with Love
captures )

Scenes of a Sexual Nature
captures )

Btw, I Love You Phillip Morris doesn't have an Spanish release date and I'm extremely annoyed by that.

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First of all ...

Awwww ♥ 

That's Yusaku, Miyuki & little Ryuhei :D

Finally watched Kanikosen :D
Even if it's serious story I had some good laughs probably due to typical SABU humor xD
And if we talk about acting, oh well, a long time ago I stopped trying to be objective with Ryuhei but the good thing that he is always awesome so me being biased and subjective doesn't matter ;p Aside him there is my latest fangirl obsession, Kengo Kora (of who I plan to do a picspam soon) & the always great Hirofumi Arai, which I was so pleased to see working again with Ryuhei .

Btw, as curiosity, I was very amused that SABU was able to make the actors run, as always, inside a boat XD

Also I suck at reviews but here at midnight eye review on the film & a interview to SABU about this film part 01 & 02 from which I want to extract this...

Shinjo, the leader of the workers on the cannery boat, is played by Matsuda Ryuhei, so did you see him as carrying on the legacy of his father Matsuda Yusaku?

SABU: That's exactly right. When I met him, he was the spitting image of Matsuda Yusaku. I was moved (laughs). Matsuda Yusaku had an aura of madness to him, but in terms of portraying that in a role I'd say Matsuda Ryuhei has probably surpassed him already. He has his own unique presence, and at the same time he's also a capable actor.

Still bothers me that after 10 years of career he still gets compared to his dad but I suppose that would never change... Even so, read that made me happy :DD

Captures (I had almost 400 done but posted +80) )

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So-so movie with interesting plot/story but the way it was filmed missed some 'something', maybe more feelings aside the trial case, something more personal, the whole movie feel too cold for some reason. Boring at times but intriguing if you don't read beforehand about the case on the net and aren't spoiled (thing I thankfully didn't do XDDD)

No really spoilers on the captures since you get the same scene of the murder reenacted from different pov several times :)

Captures of the film... ummm actually captures of just one person ;p xD )

& thanks for all your replies on my last entry :) I'll go back to it tomorrow since today I was all day out with friends :D
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This is where my  lj becomes a captures lj but better that than rl life that at the moment is full with family drama & shit xD

Dear Doctor is a really good movie.  I was expecting something decent since it won several prizes and it's nominated for a few more but it is much more than decent :) . And it has Eita and he is always a good reason to see anything since he is always brilliant :D

The resolution it's weird because are captured from the iso/dvd not the avi/dvdrip that I posted around. :)

Eita is awesome :D )

BM2 :)

Jan. 24th, 2010 11:56 pm
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Bloody Monday 2, episode 01 was awesome.  I hope it's not my bias for the drama and the actors but I think it was really good.

captures :), mostly of Nari, Haruma & Takeru ♥ )

A pity I finished downloading the SD first, I wouldn't mind HD captures XDDD

Jan. 19th, 2010 06:20 pm
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KoyaShige in TegoMassu DVD  :DDD

Member ai, koyama words, not mine XD )

You can download it here
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Code Blue 2 HQ captures = Pi is so pretty ♥

I ended being weak and downloaded the HQ (1280) version of the first episode. My big surprise (since I didn't follow who would be in the new season) was seeing Shiina Kippei :D

Pretty Aizawa-sensei + pretty cast :) )
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Some A lot of captures :D (Black Kiss captures start with a NSFW one, be warned XD)

Fish Story )

Amelie )

Black Kiss )