Jun. 11th, 2010 07:28 pm
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Thank you all for the bday wishes, comments, privates, tweets, thanks [livejournal.com profile] vermeil & [livejournal.com profile] snowy_yuki for the virtual gifs :D (both gave me purple glitter glasses, which couldn't be more suitable for me XDDD)...

You know, I've been in a pretty weird mood lately, the last months have being weird in so many ways, but you know, everything is forgotten, at least temporally, when you are with friends :)
For my bday I had to opportunity to meet with my friends, in different days & it felt good.  I tend to isolate myself but but I glad that from time to time I see my friends and they aren't tired of me... (yet? xDD)

my bday presents with... SEKI! :D )

On a totally different note, I started reading The Southern Vampires books (in which True Blood is based) & I was truly surprised by the humor on them, leaving aside the blood, sex, supernatural beings & mysteries, the novels have a touch of humor that I'm enjoying a lot.  I'm in the middle of book 4 & so far I like the books pretty much.
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Shiny stuff makes Alex happy :D   

Let's start with xmas presents from friends (when it comes to family what I got was mostly money :D )

xmas shiny stuff :D )

Now, random things I got lately but never got to post about it :D

shiny things i got myself xD )

Ok, so Arimi went to Japan :DD And she is nice and brought me a lot of stuff :O For which I'm very very thankful :D

Shiny stuff Arimi gave to me :D )

side note: Seki needs a shower ASAP xD
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Crows Zero 2 is here :DD

I was so hyper about it, I almost fell from bed when I heard the doorbell & jumped from it (trapped by the sheets XD) since I already knew it should be the postwoman :)

pics )

Oh well, I needed some cheer up these days and this (& TBBT) helps :D



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