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Comics god Osamu Tezuka’s darkest work, MW is a chilling picaresque of evil. Steering clear of the supernatural as well as the cuddly designs and slapstick humor that enliven many of Tezuka’s better-known works, MW explores a stark modern reality where neither divine nor secular justice seems to prevail. This willfully “anti-Tezuka” achievement from the master’s own pen nevertheless pulsates with his unique genius.

Michio Yuki has it all: looks, intelligence, a pedigree as the scion of a famous Kabuki family, a promising career at a major bank, legions of female admirers. But underneath the sheen of perfection lurks a secret with the power to shake the world to its foundations.

During a boyhood excursion to one of the southern archipelagos near Okinawa, Yuki barely survived exposure to a poison gas stored at a foreign military facility. The leakage annihilated all of the island’s inhabitants but was promptly covered up by the authorities, leaving Yuki as an unacknowledged witness—one whose sense of right and wrong, however, the potent nerve agent managed to obliterate.

Now, fifteen years later, Yuki is a social climber of Balzacian proportions, infiltrating the worlds of finance and politics by day while brutally murdering children and women by night—perversely using his Kabuki-honed skills as a female impersonator to pass himself off as the women he’s killed. His drive, however, will not be satiated with a promotion here and a rape there. Michio Yuki has a far more ominous objective: obtaining MW, the ultimate weapon that spared his life but robbed him of all conscience.

There are only two men with any hope of stopping him: one, a brilliant public prosecutor who struggles to build a case against the psychopath; the other, a tormented Catholic priest, Iwao Garai, who shares Yuki’s past—and frequently his bed.

Serialized beginning in 1976 in Big Comic magazine, where Tezuka’s trailblazing medical thriller Ode to Kirihito had appeared a few years earlier, MW probes the complexities of homoeroticism as well as the reality of extensive U.S. military presence in Japan. The result is as bracing today as it was thirty years ago.

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· Download Scanlations of the Manga [Part A . Part B]
· Download drama special  [HERE] (at [ profile] asian_doramas, join to download^^) or D-Addicts for torrent :)
· Download several promos of the movie, follow tv programs tag

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finally updated [ profile] eita & [ profile] moriyama_mirai 
also fixed a few things of eita layout and posted a new one on moriyama comm (the layout suck in ie ... ). Now I need to edit the profiles...

Everybody should check 20th Century boys movie adaptation trailer that I posted here, it looks great.

it's too hot.. too hot, I tell you. :/ I wanted to do some stuff today but the hotness killed me so yeah. i hope we still get good weather the Friday, I don't want to wait for the Bob concert with rain xDDDDD

I was going to make the Tetsuji picspam that I promised but i came across two thing on Baidu and got distracted, so tetsuji for another moment -.-;;;


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KEN & ADAMA -69 NINE- PHOTOBOOK (Tsumabuki Satoshi & Masanobu Ando)

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Photos from 风とロック, May issue.


eita masami juri.2008chibi.jpg


happy bday to me... yay?...
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Meanwhile I'm waiting for GOSSIP GIRL season finale links to appear (I can't wait *__*!!!! but till tomorrow it won't appear... ;_;)  Ii decided to do the EITA picspam i wanted to do yesterday but that I didn't do because I got distracted by something...

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