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I don't do new years resolutions for Life 1.0 but I do for Life 2.0, which is mostly to post more on lj. So far I'm failing at that xD

I watched 109 films the last year including films I watched for the first time & the ones I re-watched. Not bad taking in consideration that last year (it still sounds weird, I'm not fully in 2011 yet xD) was the year where I mostly saw tv shows.

From all the films I watched for the 1º time this year the ones that really stand out for me were Amelie, A Single Man, MOON, Memento, Toy Story 3, Inception, Mr Nobody, the Social network, Shortbus, Les amours imaginaires, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Rent & HOWL(doens't mean they were the only ones I liked, just the ones I loved the most)

Btw, for me The Social Network, Oscar for best script & Inception, Oscar to best direction & best film :D

And from all the stuff I watched there a few that I wish I didn't like for example Clash of Titans, which I watched mostly because Nicholas Hoult is on it & what a waste of 2 hours of my life...

But specially ANTICHRIST... please PLEASE!! take aways certain scenes from my brain ;______;

The full list of films (and tv shows)  I watched is here, feel free to look & ask about any film on it.

The last weeks I started to watch The Good Wife (only 2 eps left to catch up with the winter break  watched them before I finished this entry xD). It's a show I really recommend if you don't have a problem with procedural &/or law shows. I'm loving it & I'm in love with Kalinda & Eli Gold. Kalinda is such a powerful female character (actually all the ladies on the show are), love her personality & she is so damn hot. And Eli Gold is beyond words, no doubt Alan (who I love, and actually was the reason I started to watch the show) was nomitaed for this, he is doing an amazing work :D

I have so many un-replied comments, I'm truly sorry for that. Also I didn't check my flist properly during xmas, I also apologize for that,

Anyway, one liners (twitter) or posting captures/pics (tumblr) is much easier than make a full entry and actually make sense, hence the reason I'm more active on those that here so we'll see if I can keep my new year resolution xDDD
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