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Ok, after I came across X-Men 2 movie on tv the other day (and re watched it) I downloaded & watched (/still watching) the 90s xmen cartoon (rewatching since I watched when I was a kid) & Wolverine and the X-Men (also still doing so), re-watching the Wolwerine movie (Gambit <3) & returning to HEROES (which I stopped in episode 3.10 back in the day & I've just finished it, season 4 is waiting... Quinto is the one to blame for my urge to return to it XD) & seeing that I'm about to watch the last Misfit episode I've been thinking about super powers the last few days (can't you blame me? xDDD)

I would love to be able to fly & time traveling.
Fly, being able to travel anywhere in the world on your own accord & not really worrying about plane tickets prices xDDDD  & the freedom that flying can give me...
Time Traveling. If I can't have my own Doctor & travel in the Tardis I, at least, want to have Hiro power xD Imagine all the places  you can visit, the past, the future... Lost civilizations & cultures...

Something that I would never want is immortality, although very tempting, the idea to be still alive while everybody else that I love dies is a big turn off xD

Also, another thing on my head since I started watching Doctor Who, if I could time travel, where I would love to go?
The first things that come to my mind would be:
· Ancient Egypt 
· Ancient Greece.
· Medieval Ages. 
· The 60s & 70s, the hippy, glam, punk periods (usa for the hippies, woodstock included, & UK/London for the rest).
· Concerts: QUEEN, THE DOORS, Janis Joplin and Bowie concert in the Ziggy era...

· Which super powers would you love to have? Would hate to have?
· If The Doctor appeared in your door,  where would you ask him to take you on the TARDIS?
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