Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Hey! if I can spend 120$ in a dvd (crows zero 2) then I can spend 5.50 € in a book cover xDD

It arrived today :D
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I would love to write reviews (not exactly reviews, see it more like random ramblings that would make so little sense) for the things I watch but I'm so bad at it & I just end being totally biased but I might try, it would be a great way to actually make me write here & I don't know, do something xD  but I'm a lazy ass when it comes to write so we'll see... 

The Oscars... boring as ever even if it had a few good moments (the movies mix intro, the songs autotune, franco!girl  and that's it, I think. )
I was happy with lead male, lead female & supporting male actor, best adapted script & best animated movie... everything else, I think I was just angry & very annoyed. 
I loved the The Kings Speech but not to win all the stuff It did, but once again it shows that most of voters on the academy are a bunch of old people.
& don't get me started on the lack of Inception (yes, it had technical wins but nothing more).  & hey! I told you that King's Speech would win for best picture...
but well, once again I had a great time in twitter spamming   meanwhile watching it

And the best part (aside Colin winning) was that in the red carpet I was focused on watching who was behind Annette Benning (and I truly love her xD) & I fangirled when I saw Simon ... LOL  Btw, I've been thinking of making a post with his photos... is that weird? I have this tendency that when I fangirl a person I fangirl the whole package (partner, kids, parents if applicable, etc xDDD)  Which explains why I never get the people who are jealous & want their idols to be single (actually , this people annoy the shit out of me XDD) 

I'm rewatcing Sex and The City. Why? not really sure... I was watching pics of Sarah Jessica Parker (& getting so jealous of her dresses & I'm not even a clothes person xDD) & also in a few Willie was there too & then suddenly I missed watching the show (and I never was a big fan, although I liked it xD) I'm almost done with season 1 & i made me realize how many episodes I missed watching on tv xDDD


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