Jan. 28th, 2011

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· yes, things are fucked up but this made my day :

[from x]

I had gifs [x x] & captures [x] of the golden globes of them but not this close :D

· I'm trying to watch The Tourist but I'm getting bored & sidetracked, I suppose it speaks about how good the film is xD But god, she is so pretty

· The last 18th January my White Collar 1º season dvdbox came :DDDD Funny enough it was the same day that the show was back on air :D (and with an amazing episode, btw xD)

 White Collar 1º season dvd box was in the mailbox this morni... on Twitpic

· & BOSS has a second season :DD It's probably the 1º news from Japan in a long time that really made me excited. BOSS became one of my favorite jdramas  & I (and probably most of us)  was waiting for a second season and here it is and with the original cast :D

· Sort of related, lately people started to unfollow me on twitter because I don't fangirl like I used to (or at all) the Japanese fandom, I suppose it was a matter of time it happened. oh well, it's ok & understandable :) Ssurprised it didn't happen here already xD

· SKINS is back. I tried to know as little as possible about the new generation before watching it  & so far, so good. I LOVE Franky. Yes, I know, I'm sure that people that know me is extremely surprised by this /Sarcasm xD What can I say? The only thing is that she isn't even 17 & I find her very pretty ~.~

· With or without background story, I still don't like Kate... *hides*


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